Essen Spiel Preorders – How To

Hello guys! Are you coming to Essen Spiel? Do you want to preorder some of our accessories? You can do it using our website and you can get also a discount (10%) for your preorder. How to do it? Easy! Just get all the items you want in the cart, check out and insert the discount code “Essen2018”: it will give you the 10% discount and free shipping (this coupon will be applied only for Essen pickups). What are you waiting for? Preorders are open until 21 October.

Sapphire brand started in Italy in 2016. We started with our brand of sleeves but we’re currently searching new accessories for all gamers! Our philosophy is to bring the best accessories at the best quality-price ratio possible.

In a world full of sleeves, why do you have to choose Sapphire brand? Sapphire Sleeves are the sleeves with the best quality compared to their cost. With a thickness of 6 micron, they’re between regular cheap sleeves (4 micron) and premium high-quality sleeves (9 micron). Sapphire Sleeves have a good quality you can’t find with 4 micron sleeves but keeps a price competitive with 9 micron sleeves.

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